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Just a local gay who likes dnd, TAZ, cartoons, Dames and Dragons, MHA , and other things! big fan of goblincore and nerd stuff. 16 yrs old, she/her, biracial. Free to talk!

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I really enjoy using waterfall and I'd like to follow more blogs, and I'm sure a lot of you do too, especially since theres been an influx of new people! reblog this if you usually log in around at least once a month and we can find eachother! <3<3<3

some lil blue pokemon


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i posted them very little yesterday and now i am going to post them very big today

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I really enjoyed making this, and i LOVE the fashion options, little icons, eyes and teeth!! However, I would like more options for black people in terms of skin shades and hair!

awww yeeah babushka babooooshka baboooooooska yaya

@picrewing diverse picrew herepretty sure it was here already but still

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me rn studying for finals (but my bathrobe is pink not yellow & :( no tea (will get tea! determination!)) (the stars are imaginary and the hearts r for my friends who are helping me)

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This was so fun to make!!

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A lich for a campaign I'm running

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y'all mind if i just *wanders into forest* *never returns to civilization*

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guess who did some (small) magic today!!

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I changed a traffic light and got some bugs to go away without attacking them!

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open message to pan/bi+/queer people attracted to multiple genders, or questioning if that may be the case -

  • your partner's gender does not make you any less queer, because whether or not you are queer is specific to you

  • the genders involved in your dating history do not make you any less queer

  • you belong in queer spaces regardless of your relationship history or status

  • pan/bi+/polysexual are different terms with a lot of definitional overlap. the difference matters more to some folks than others but the umbrella is big enough for all of us

  • it's okay for your chosen labels to shift over time; growing and learning about yourself is, and always will be, a process, and attraction is a beautiful and ephemeral thing

  • use the terms for yourself you find most comfortable and the ones that keep you the safest

  • don't force a relationship that isn't working to try to prove something

  • you're not "faking" anything. just follow what feels most authentic to you

  • there is much strength in knowing yourself

guess who did some (small) magic today!!

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happy pride month gaymers

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reblog if you're great

like if you're great

read if you're gret

ignore if you're great

there is a hidden message here.

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made some lgbt eevees to celebrate pride!!

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DM Tip #4: Attitude is very important when DM'ing. Rather than thinking of it as a competition between the players VS. the DM, a good DM should think of it as a cooperative effort. You should always want your players to succeed!

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I got Snorkmaiden 🌼 "You are very kind-hearted, cheerful and lively by nature, and you are the messenger of the joys in life!

Vanity is also a part of your natural appeal. You love daydreaming but at the same time you impulsively rush to the new challenges and adventures."

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posted this to my tumblr months ago. Just thought I'd upload it here.

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Had a great session tonight, here's a lil photo of my dice with my custom box too! ♫

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DM protip #3: Modify your DM screen with information you often forget. You can do this with sticky notes if you don’t have a screen that you can write on. Example: Remember about concentration for certain spells and its rules.

💚A Post for Alloaros

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Your experience is real, and good, and meaningful. You are not "trying to be special" and you have not "internalized homophobia" - there are many ways to relate to other people, and romantic connections do not deserve more respect than sexual or platonic ones. So go forth, and craft the relationships you wish to have, and know that there are other people who not only understand your experience, but also enjoy it and wish to have you in their lives in whatever way is best for you.

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Aros and Aces deserve to know that they are aro or ace, and not constantly be bombarded with sentiments such as "you haven't met the right person" or "maybe you've internalized homophobia".

Aros and Aces deserve to pursue relationships and be trusted to know what they want and what they're comfortable with, rather than being accused of "faking it."

Aros and Aces deserve to not pursue relationships and be able to enjoy their solitude.

Aros and Aces deserve to be proud of their identities and should not be pathologized or verbally abused.

Aros and Aces deserve to use the split attraction model and be able to describe their experience in whatever way they deem best without being accused of homophobia.

Aros and Aces deserve to not use the split attraction model and not be expected to explain the nuances of their attraction to any person who asks.

And lastly, aros and aces deserve bouquets of flowers and fresh loaves of bread. 💐